Observing myself

Do you ever look at yourself from the outside? Really see where you are? Stump your own psyche with all kinds of deep what’s-the-meaning-of-life-and-the-world questions? My over-analyzing personality makes me prone to this kind of behavior anyway, and with my (im)pending birthday, this lovely habit of mine shifted into overdrive.

I don’t usually get too worked up about birthdays, but for some reason this one has me thinking more. Maybe it’s because last year’s was such a special one. I turned 33 on March 3. 33 on 3-3 – must be magical, right? It did bring an exciting year – married fabulous Toby, had an awesome party, quit my job, sold my house, moved to Germany, jumped careers. That’s a lot for 34 to live up to….

But, before I get carried away on that tidal wave of thought, let me return to the topic at hand. I thought I’d share a few recent observations, things I wouldn’t have been able to say about myself just half a year ago:

  • I think it’s ‘warm’ enough to leave the windows in the apartment open for hours at a time; it’s 48°F outside.
  • I wish it would get cold again so I could wear my super warm, super hot boots some more.
  • I don’t spend enough time with people during the day.
  • I miss my hair dresser, and not just for the good scalp massage and great hair cut but because she had a quirky, refreshing way of looking at things.
  • I spend an inordinate amount of time in my pajamas on some days – have I become a bum?
  • I eat less sweets (chocolate müsli doesn’t really count – it has oats, and hazelnut bits…).
  • I can drink a lot more Prosecco than I thought.
  • I love skinny jeans, but I hate squeezing myself into a sweater with anything more than a tank top underneath.
  • I’ve driven a car no more than 5 times in the last 7 months (and that’s counting the go-kart at the race track).

4 thoughts on “Observing myself

  1. That is a lot of change in one year! I’ve always thought the thirties are a great decade for women–not so worried about what others think, more self-assured, etc. Enjoy the rest of your decade, and happy birthday!

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