Arizona meets Germany

For those of you who know me, you can skim this next part. Otherwise, permit me to tell you a little about myself and how it came to be that I’m blogging under a weather-related title. My name is Christina, and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I love the blue, sunny skies and warm, dry air of the Sonoran Desert. As a result I am slightly leery of any weather involving excessive cloud cover and moisture, and temperatures below 85°F. I recently moved to Düsseldorf, Germany with my husband Toby and find myself slightly obsessed with the weather and its implications on my daily physical well-being. These are my adventures, impressions, and random thoughts.

Update October 8, 2014

This year has been quite an exciting one. After nearly three years of adventure and mostly fun in Düsseldorf, we moved to Frankfurt. We’re also expecting our first addition to the family (along with new adventures and mostly fun) come December. I can’t really say my life in Germany is “new” anymore, but things certainly aren’t boring around here!

15 thoughts on “Arizona meets Germany

  1. This desert rat never thought she’d be excited to follow rainy adventures, impressions, and random thoughts from Düsseldorf, but I am. Though it has been predictably sunny here Scottsdale, it simply hasn’t been quite so bright without you. Thank you for blogging, for sharing your new life, and allowing us to keep you in our lives vicariously.

  2. After meeting Carol for coffee last week I made a point to find the link to your blog again! We both agree that you are a terrific writer and we are so glad we can get a glimpse into your new life…through your eyes! Can’t wait to see you here in Phoenix in 5 days!

  3. Well hello Arizona Lady! I wanted to let you know that I have now moved. Am not sending out ‘New Home’ cards due to the outrageous price of stamps, but I wanted to give you my forwarding address, so we can keep in touch: I do hope you like it. I have made a new video to welcome you in out of the cold. Make sure you pop in for a cup of tea and a biscuit every now and then!

    Keep up your fabulous, fabulous blog. I shall keep popping back to read it. :)

    • I saw! Very exciting indeed (although you will be missed as a neighbor). The video was also faaabulously scintillating. I already liked you on Facebook and will make sure to keep up on your newest brilliance. Definitely come back for a visit, and thank you for the kind words. :)

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