Little things

It’s that time of year again, when winter begins its slow and steady approach. Although we are still safely in the plus digits, this Arizona girl has busted out her warm winter boots and down jackets (thank goodness one or two still fit!). In Frankfurt, there was a persistent fog hanging over the skyscrapers until yesterday. And one sure sign it’s getting chilly, even the Germans aren’t sitting outside as much – my favorite little coffee house is starting to burst at the seams.

But there are definitely some nice sides to this inevitable change of seasons. Cozy things like homemade soup for dinner, reading a book cuddled under a blanket, and clementines. I love them! They’re like little packets of sunshine and goodness!


Little Things

This is the actual sign in front of the kiosk in the Underground station that sells newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and, I guess, ‘real wieners.’ Giggle, giggle.

“I’m a real one… 22 cm long, 200 g heavy, and recently increased in price to 2,70.”

a real wiener