Barefoot and pregnant

Because I had finally hit the point where I could proudly say I was earning real money, I milked my PT earning potential in Düsseldorf as long as I could. When I joined Toby in Frankfurt seven weeks after he’d already started his new job, there was no doubt I would continue with PT.

I first picked a new gym, no easy task when you don’t have a feel for the market, and started hanging out there. I had the effect of double-bad timing to contend with – first there were all the World Cup soccer games keeping people from the gym, and then it was summer vacation when all Germans take off for a few weeks with their families. Needless to say, it was hard to get a hold of people to train with for that all-so-critical initial contact.

I stuck it out for a few months, always waffling between the positive feelings that my breakthrough was coming any day and the negative feelings that our household income would be better off if I spent more time at the coffee house and stopped paying my gym rent and own health insurance.

In Germany you are required by law to pause your work for maternity leave six weeks before you give birth. For me that would be October. I’ve decided to stop a bit early.

I feel a sense of relief now that the decision has been made. It’s also given us something to laugh about. While I have spent the summer falling (comfortably and of my own free will) more and more into the role of housewife as Toby’s job got crazier and mine never did, I am now officially, full-time “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.”

We just talked the other night about how strange it is that we’ve so easily slipped into these old-school roles – Toby being the breadwinner and me the housewife. I don’t mind. Sure, laundry in and of itself isn’t an inspiring job, but the fact that I’m doing it while baking another human being and the fact that it allows us to relax together for the few minutes Toby has each evening make it worthy of my time.

And, as Toby quoted from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “the man is the head of the house, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.” That’s what I’ll think of if the mundane activities of running a household ever leave me uninspired.


4 thoughts on “Barefoot and pregnant

  1. Da hast Du Deine Situation fein analysiert und die Steine, die auf dem Weg zur neuen Jobsuche im Weg lagen, gut beschrieben. Wie schön, dass Du jetzt alles gelassen sehen kannst und ganz von alleine zu der Einsicht gelangt bist, dass man nichts über´s Knie brechen kann. Du hast ja so Recht damit, Deine Situation anzunehmen und Dich auf das einmalige Ereignis vorzubereiten und zu freuen. Genieße das Hier und Jetzt, so zielbewußt und organisiert wie Du bist, kommen bestimmt andere Zeiten und Tätigkeiten, die Dich mehr befriedigen, als Wäsche zu sortieren. The best way in all situations is always, to think positiv.
    Love, Cornelie

  2. Yay for you! My daughter is pregnant with my first grandchild, due January 7; my wife and I are stoked! Best wishes for you and your husband; you will be blessed with the addition and your identity and importance will become most apparent. Great joy for you both!

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