The value of memories

A new project of mine has led me on a journey through my old photo albums and diaries. What an amusing, eye-opening, and (mostly) enjoyable trip it has been.

While I value the ease and practicality of digital pictures, I miss photo albums. I love the feel of the albums, heavy with memories – proof of a life of fun and adventure, a life worth documenting. Pull one from the shelf and instantly be transported to a different time and place, even a different you. Celebrate old successes. Remember people you maybe haven’t thought about in years.

The accompanying diaries provide a more balanced picture, telling both the good and the bad stories, the everyday stories. It’s interesting to step back into a younger version of myself and see the world through those eyes again. I can see where I’ve grown and where I’ve (stubbornly) remained the same. I cherish these old musings.

I think I will keep a diary again, for my future me. I think she’ll appreciate reading about the good times that made me happy and the bad times that helped me to learn and grow. If nothing else, she’ll probably get a good laugh out of it, and my time will have been well spent.


4 thoughts on “The value of memories

  1. I like my old photo albums too. I am SO behind though…haven’t put pix in one since AZ. When did you stop journeling?

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