I love modern communications and technology not only because they make it really easy to keep in touch with family and friends, but they also provide some funny stuff in between. Take this recent exchange on WhatsApp with A:

Note – A uses speech-to-text; I type old-school style. And remember, the German word for kisses is Bussis.


“…And give yourself and Toby lots of pussies”

“Fuck AutoCorrect”



“Ducking awesome!!”


Note to self – teach phone how to cuss.


No, I didn’t die of pneumonia after having my German moment last spring. The one that prompted me and Toby to take the convertible out, top down in near-freezing temperatures just because the sun was shining and this continent’s version of spring was in the air. (Thanks for that opener, thestrugglershandbook!) Life just kept happening. You know, that inevitable march of time where all of a sudden you step back and say, holy $#!?, it’s August, then September, then October?!

Maybe I’ll catch you up on our adventures one of these days, but the most important story to tell is that we had a real summer this year, with tank tops, flip flops, and sunglasses. The gods must have been listening – I told Toby we would be forced to move if this summer was as spectacularly bad as the last two. Instead we had picnics on the Rhine and barbecues with friends. Of course, now that it is October (holy $#!?), the typical gray skies and rain have settled in again. Oh well. There’s plenty of time for me to bitch about that…

I also think I stopped writing because everyday life lost its novelty and started becoming…everyday. But the sight of a few strange characters on my bike ride to work and some interesting graffiti around the city have made me realize, it is high time to rediscover the place I now call home. It is time to acknowledge all the things big and small that make me smile, curse, and wrinkle my forehead in deep thought.

Now to send you on your way, here’s something nerdily gross and intriguing to brighten your day: it is entirely possible that the water you used to make your coffee this morning is ancient dinosaur pee. Mmmmmm!