A German moment

After the darkest winter and coldest spring on record, plus snow for Easter, I had a real German moment. On Monday, the sun was shining and it was a whopping 6°C (43°F – that’s not a lot where I come from). So what did Toby and I do? Take the convertible out for a spin, naturally!

Top down, beanies, down jackets. Ah, it’s really starting to feel like spring around here… Not.



8 thoughts on “A German moment

  1. So cute…it was 88 degrees here today! I still haven’t turned on the AC…most nights have still been cooling down so just have to tough out the afternoons! Cheers to more sun coming your way!!!

    • I think Toby is finding me less and less cute every day :) The sweet girl inside is sulking in a corner right now, swearing she won’t come out to play until she see some sun and warmth….

      • I’m amazed by how well you have adjusted given how much I know you love the sun! I’m glad you’re almost through the coldest part of the year!

    • :) No pneumonia. Yes, life certainly can be fierce sometimes. But all is well. Maybe I’ll find time to write again. I certainly miss it. I hope all is well with you and the clan.

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