People are always asking how a girl from Arizona ends up working at a fitness club in Düsseldorf, and why I speak such good German, albeit with a funny accent. So I tell them about my Austrian parents who fell in love with Arizona and decided to have a family there. About growing up with German workbooks, Austrian Christmas trees, and Wienerschnitzel. About the Phoenix Oktoberfest where I met Toby, my German husband. About our decision to move to Germany together, which gave me the opportunity to make the career leap that might otherwise have been left for ‘some day.’

The reaction is almost always the same – wow, you’re mutig. Translated that means something like brave, courageous, ballsy.

Funny. Most days those aren’t the words I would use to describe myself. Maybe confused, worried, overwhelmed. And sometimes lonely, lazy, useless. There’s always a little crazy sprinkled in. Some days I even feel hopeful, curious, inspired.

But ballsy? Me?