I’ve decided that November in Düsseldorf is not so bad – three parts wonderful, one part yuck. These are pretty good odds based on my 16 months of research. While the temperatures are dropping, the sun shines more days than not and is always accompanied by clear, blue skies. Back are the thick jackets, scarves, and beanies. The trees in the Hofgarten have lost nearly all their leaves, and the sun now shines straight into our living room.

Despite the inevitable start to winter, the timbre of the city takes on a decidedly livelier note with the approach of the accompanying holiday season. Store windows present their best holiday wares, and the Christmas markets that have been under construction are finally open. Their friendly lights, delightful food smells (Nutella crêpes anyone?), and Glühwein bring people out to celebrate friendship and good times.

The fact that I find myself liking this time is an astounding transformation in and of itself. This past weekend I had the very German urge to go for a Spaziergang (a walk, merely for the sake of walking) despite, or maybe because of, the crisp air. Why let a little winter stop me when I can cuddle into my down jacket, wrap a scarf around my neck, and go out for a bit of fresh air?

Did I just say that?!


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