The German flip-flop

I’ve discovered that shoes are an interesting matter when living in Düsseldorf. Regardless of winter or “summer” (or whatever they call it here), the key is to keep your feet dry. In winter, the obvious choice is boots. Any style, any shape, and any color will do. I made friends with tall, flat boots paired with skinny jeans.

What was funny was when I started trying to wear my sandals once the temperatures warmed up a bit. For this Arizona girl, summer equals sandals, specifically flip-flops. Trip to the grocery store? Put on your flip-flops. Happy hour? Bust out your flip-flops. Saturday afternoon at the coffee house? You got it – flip-flops. There was no real danger in baring your toes (unless you were moving too fast, flipped one too hard, and ended up on the hot asphalt – but only beginners do that).

Imagine my surprise when I left the apartment one morning, in my flip-flops, only to have totally wet feet a few hours later because the sunny blue skies had turned to rain-producing cloudy skies. Because this sudden change in weather can occur on any given day, I learned from the locals and started wearing ballerinas (close-toed flats). A German girl’s answer to flip-flops. Lighter and cooler than a boot while providing almost as much wetness protection (sounds like an antiperspirant ad…).

Since boot cut jeans drag too close to the ground and run the risk of getting wet, ballerinas are still best paired with skinny jeans. The end result – my summer outfits are the same as my winter outfits, with a few less layers on top.

And I always said I’d never wear those carrot-shaped skinny jeans. Never say never…


10 thoughts on “The German flip-flop

  1. Well, at least the ballet flats are a little better for your feet than flip-flops, but only marginally. At least that’s what the podiatrists say. But I do enjoy my ballet flats with skinny jeans, too, so who am I to talk? ;)

  2. Love your post…I too said I would NEVER wear skinny jeans, but just got back from a month in Austria where – you guessed it – I wore skinny jeans for the first time and they quickly became my everyday attire! I have shamelessly brought my new look back to the US and wonder why I was so opposed before….

  3. Busted out the skinny jeans & boots for the Brown County Fair. You shoulda been here with me this year…we would have been stylin’ together. ;)

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