I’m back

Oh boy, oh boy. Have I been bad…. I’ve left you all hanging, wondering what has become of me. I’m sure you miss my engaging, enlightening, and downright witty accounts of adventures and mishaps, pumping grannies and circus bears, cultural lessons learned, and the like. I promise though, my absence was with good reason. I’ve been out collecting material with which to delight and inspire you.

Last time we talked, summer had finally come to Düsseldorf, and I had tried to describe the (seeming) madness that is driving in Düsseldorf. The good news – I am happy to report that through a few more required driving experiences, I am learning to savor the adrenaline rush sitting behind the wheel provides. The bad news – the summer was short-lived, and we were soon back to frequent rain and near-constant gray skies with temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius (I’m sick of converting so trust me – this is not what an Arizona girl would call summer).

Fortunately we have had loads of fun things on the calendar to serve as distractions from the lack of summer – our first German hiking/”camping” trip, a weekend playing Düsseldorf tour guide with my dad and step-mom, the European Soccer Cup and a trip to Poland and Ukraine to celebrate our first wedding anniversary under the influence of soccer fever, a weekend in Barcelona for some Spanish summer, a visit from my sister (Christmas in July!), and plenty of observations about my world. I told you I have a good excuse!

Where to begin…where to begin…?


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