Ich bin

So, for the last two weeks, I’ve been in training for my new job as fitness coach – learning the procedures, the computer system, the equipment, the course structures, and the personalities of the regular members. The last point is the one that challenges this rather shy girl. You want me to walk around, make small talk, make myself approachable…in German…? Gulp.

Lucky for me, I’ve discovered an idiosyncrasy in the German language that allows me to define and assume an alternate personality as fitness coach. Hallo, ich bin die Christina. The literal translation – Hello, I am the Christina. Yes – The Christina. I’m giving it a capital T for effect.

I’m the outgoing, totally approachable girl with the funny accent who will help you get to those killer abs and lean, sexy muscles. I’ll create an inspiring training plan you can’t wait to do. I’ll lead the most fun abs/butt/legs/back group workouts you’ve ever experienced. I’ve got great nutrition tips. Anything else you need to reach your fitness goals? I can whip that up too!

Just in the nick of time – next week I start my regular schedule. Here comes The Christina, fitness coach extraordinaire!


10 thoughts on “Ich bin

  1. I know I’d like to train with “The Christina”! Good for you. It can be intimidating enough to move to a foreign country, but to take on a new job in a new language is truly admirable. Many people wouldn’t be brave enough. So, as the Canadians say, “Good on you!”

  2. I would train with The Christina! Your positive energy comes through in any language! I’m so proud of you. You’re doing big things!!!! Miss you!

    • That’s very sweet of you! I’m certainly trying to exude a you-can-do-it attitude, especially during a 30-minute, nothing-but-abs class. Miss you too, and I hope all is well!

  3. I would train with The Christina in a heartbeat! I want those lean, sexy muscles and killer abs like you have, and without a doubt, you’d make it fun!

    • I think I certainly bring in the fun factor, if for no other reason than the fact that I sometimes say funny things when I can’t think of the right German word (just like in the good old days, but for a different reason). :) So far everyone’s been very nice and understanding. Miss you and hope all is well!

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