Hitchhiking to Spring

A call home usually consists of my mother telling me how warm and sunny it is in Phoenix, and me answering with, “I don’t want to hear it.” I’m not being mean, I really just don’t want to know what I’m missing while I’m sitting here desperately waiting for the sun to shine for longer than 10% of my waking hours. Every morning I wake up, full of hope that Spring has finally arrived, only to open the drapes to another day of gray and rain. Do you know how many times I’ve gotten wet while riding my bike to work (yes, my new work!) in the last week? It’s certainly more than this Arizona girl is used to.

In the hopes of enticing Spring to come out and show a little thigh, we spent the last few weekends giving our apartment balcony a makeover. Not only did the mother-in-law and I buy brightly colored flowers last time she visited that make me smile every time I see them, but Toby and I also added some shrubbery to the window box – one that looks nice and was not too expensive (good for you if you got the movie reference!).

Funny – in Arizona I used to do rain dances in the street when I was a kid. Now I’m turning to my green thumb to get Spring’s attention and chase away the rain. I hope I’m better with balcony plants than I am with basil….

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Spring!


14 thoughts on “Hitchhiking to Spring

  1. Okay, I didn’t get the movie reference, which embarrasses me as I’ve seen way too many movies. So please dish–what movie were you referencing?

    Hope the sun finds you soon!

  2. I feel for you. If it makes you feel any better, we’ve already had record-shattering triple digit temps stretching three or four days. Your flowers look beautiful! Happy spring!

  3. Isn’t it funny that here in Phoenix day after day of sunny weather can get annoying and we wish for rain (and relish it when it comes)? I think it helps that we know we’re lucky if it lasts into the next day…My family lives in Southeast Alaska where it rains all the time and when I go visit I love it at first but it does get dreary after about a week straight!

    • Yes – a rainy day or two in Phoenix was always a welcome event. I love the smell of the desert when it rains! I’m still trying to see the benefit of rain here in Duesseldorf. What’s funny is how mood-altering it is to suddenly have a sunny day in between all the gray days. Thanks for stopping by!

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