Exciting times

It’s been a while. A lot has been going on. All good. Where to begin…where to begin…?

We got back 10 days ago from a fabulous trip to Egypt for an escape from the end of winter. Go figure – the day we boarded our plane, it was sunny and warm. Isn’t that just how Life toys with you? No matter though. The five days we were away were just what the doctor ordered – we soaked up the sun, read our books, hung out with Toby’s parents, slept too long, and ate lots of food. Perfect!

When we got back, the sun was still shining. I survived my first Düsseldorf winter (let’s ignore the fact that it was a pretty mild one aside from the two weeks of -10°C weather), and now spring is in full force! While the next few days are forecast to be cold and rainy (just a glitch in the system, I’m sure), it’s turning out to be amazing. The view of the Hofgarten from our living room windows lets us watch the approach of spring. The park gets greener by the day as new trees decide it’s time to get their photosynthesis on. It’s all so fresh and alive, and I can’t help but feel more fresh and alive too.

Another happy side effect of spring and that funny thing known as Daylight Savings Time is that it now stays light until almost 8pm. It makes the day so gloriously long! Toby and I have been taking advantage of it by adding a morning bike ride along the Rhine to our daily activities.

And now for the biggest news – I am no longer a bum. Yes, I have landed a job! I had an interview the day after I passed my fitness trainer test, and by the end of the interview I had a job at one of the local gyms. And all of this within the last four days, mind you. I know, right?!

Now comes the real test – will Christina like her newly chosen career path? Oh, such a big question for a smart girl who’s dumb enough to try to doubt herself….

Exciting times, indeed!

8 thoughts on “Exciting times

  1. Chrisina I am so happy for you. I wish you could be my personal trainer!!!! I am working out with a physical therapist to strengthen my shoulder. It has calcium buildups in the tendons. A lot of the people there are triathletes who are training for an event or recovering from an injury. It’s very motivating for me to work around them. I want to be more fit! Miss you!!!

  2. Congratulations on the job. Wonderful to do something you love (I assume you love helping others achieve fitness or you wouldn’t have sought it out :) ) I imagine it will prove quite rewarding. Now you just have to learn all of those motivating phrases in German: “Get the lead out! Move it, lard butt! You call that a burpee?!” ;)

  3. That is very exciting! If you should have learned anything these past few years… ignore the self doubt and follow your heart. It will serve you well.

    We hit 90 yesterday. Today, I’m off to enjoy our version of Spring out at Glendale Green.

    Miss you. Enjoy the Spring and share photos with us!


  4. Good for you! My son has a German girlfriend and it’s getting serious. I doubt she’d be willing to move to the states, so I could see him leaving the country. I’m glad to hear that it’s possible for an American to find work there.

    • Exciting! I also have Austrian citizenship, so my situation is a little different, but the fact that I am also American and can speak English is very appealing. A little German also goes a long way :)

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