For a rainy day

Here I go again, talking about the weather. I can’t help it. It permeates every minute of my day, every cell in my body, every fiber in my down jacket. It always has. I just didn’t realize it until I moved to Düsseldorf – while Phoenix has its own weather, it always played more of a supporting role.

In Düsseldorf, on average, no month has less than 14 days of rain. 14 days! Compare that to Phoenix, where, on average, no month has more than 5 days of rain. What was it that Dorothy said about not being in Kansas anymore…?

So, in the spirit of open-mindedness and adaptation, I polled some friends and compiled a list of what there is to like about gray, rainy weather:

  • always having something to talk about
  • drinking coffee or hot chocolate, which tastes even better on a cold, rainy day
  • the wrinkle-fighting benefits of moist air
  • taking advantage of a free bike wash
  • jumping in the puddles with rubber boots (and the kids)
  • the promise of a beautiful, green spring
  • the beauty of big, fat raindrops seemingly made especially for us
  • clean, fresh city air
  • staying home where it’s warm and cozy
  • having a good excuse to stay on the couch on a Sunday
  • going for a refreshing walk in the rain
  • really appreciating a beautiful day when you get one


7 thoughts on “For a rainy day

  1. My relatives in Bavaria, and my son’s girlfriend in Berlin have all said it’s been very mild this year in Germany; very little snow. Wait until that hits you next year, Phoenix girl! Still, May and June are gonna be awesome for you, and you won’t miss Arizona’s June. Pray for my daughter: outdoor Tucson wedding on June 23rd – it could be ugly(I’ll be sweating either way). I’m still jealous!

    • It was definitely a better winter than it could have been, but I do love (and miss) warm, dry air – call me a desert rat. :) We got married last year in Phoenix in mid-June – it was absolutely perfect for an evening outdoor ceremony! You guys will have a wonderful wedding in Tucson, I’m sure!!

  2. You hit the nail on the head with the last one “really appreciating a beautiful day when you get one!” Definitely true for all who live in northern climates. We found in PHX, there are so many wonderful days that we started to appreciate the rainy ones. ;)

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