Yesterday morning it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit when we woke up. I know I shouldn’t do this to myself, but for purely informational purposes (ok, and maybe for its shock value) I have Phoenix programmed into my weather app. At the same time it was 56 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix. That’s like a 47-degree difference! Need I say more?

It’s interesting (and damn impressive, in my opinion) that I’m not only surviving these temperatures but that I’m even thriving despite them. As the degrees of Fahrenheit continue to drop on the thermometer, so do my perceived degrees of foreign-heit.

It started happening in little ways. There was the feeling of familiarity with the clerk at the grocery store who sees me nearly every third day (remember, no big shopping trips here) and achieving the status of regular customer at the coffee house. Then all of a sudden people on the street were asking me for directions. I must look like I belong here!

I also recently started the internship corresponding to my personal trainer certification. I spend several hours at the gym each week ‘observing’ other personal trainers as they interact with members and clients. The more I hang out there, the more I’m getting the really nice feeling that I belong somewhere. People know who I am, and there’s interesting dialogue, joking around, and ‘see you Thursday.’

What’s totally crazy, and speaks volumes to my increasing localness, is that I’m still riding my bike despite the frigid temperatures. Sure, I look like a mummy wrapped in my beanie, scarf, and down jacket, but I’d like to take this opportunity to give myself a pat on the back for rising to the occasion. Pat! While I still reserve the right to comment profusely about how unbelievably cold it is here, I certainly am not hiding from it.

I don’t want to give myself too much credit yet, but maybe I’m not so bad at this dealing with change thing after all….

4 thoughts on “Foreign-heit

  1. Hey Christina! It’s so nice to read your progression of adjustment. I’m glad that you are documenting it. I know people think moving abroad sounds so sexy, but it’s so lonely too! I’ve moved around a lot, as you know, and have had many lonely days. Sometimes I just had to go through the motions in order to stave off complete depression. The best places to meet people, IMHO, are rock climbing gyms, Meetup events, running clubs, or book clubs. It can be hard to go to that first meeting (I had a panic attack at my first gay support group), but you never know what may come of it. I still have to have at least one event each day that gets me out of the house, or some sort of project. Well… I have a baby as my project now, but I still try to discover new things, just at a slower pace. Vegetarian cooking is a new field of discovery for me (and beans & greens are super cheap!). Love you.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Things are definitely on their way up here. I also make sure to get out of the apartment once a day. I find the outside world can actually be inspiring, even if it’s only pretty ‘normal’ stuff you run across (maybe it’s just the fresh air that is good). And it’s good to have projects – anything that gives you purpose and a little structure. I can imagine that a baby keeps you crazy busy. Good for you that you’re exploring vegetarian cooking – I need to break out of my kitchen routines and try something new. I’d love to hear some of your new favorite recipes. Love you back!

  2. Not sure if Germany has the temp swings that SD has, but I’d love to hear your reaction (and see your wardrobe) when you have a 47 deg temp swing in 24 hrs. :)

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