There are lots of things I miss from Arizona:

  • Calling or texting my sister whenever something random pops into my mind.
  • Intelligent banter and sarcastic humor with my regional water conservation colleagues.
  • Seeing the bunnies and quails in our backyard.
  • Monday night Turbo Kick and Body Pump.
  • Watching basketball with Toby.
  • The smell of dusty creosote.

But, because life is all about balance, there are things in our new life that I am glad to have gained:

  • Riding my bike everywhere.
  • Sending Toby off to work every day with snacks and a smile.
  • Going out for breakfast more often.
  • Running along the Rhine.
  • My tall boots and skinny jeans.
  • Time to cook every day.

8 thoughts on “Balance

  1. As someone who lived in France for a year, I understand how homesick one can get for their own country, even if really happy in the new place. But good for you for finding new routines. Then, when you return to the states, it will be these things you miss!

  2. We miss your intelligent banter and sarcastic humor, too, believe me! I guess the balance for me has been more work and a steady stream of emails from Leeann peppered with LOLs to fill the void. Not the same, though, I have to say!

    Glad you are starting to feel more like a local. I remember how funny it seemed when people stopped to ask me for directions in Spain after a few months of living there. Not much later, I was surprised when people thought I was local because of my accent. No one would mistake me now…

  3. Wherever/whenever we move I always have a list of advantages & disadvantages…things I miss and things don’t miss. I just wish a place existed that had all of the things I miss and none of the ones I don’t. :)

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