My cast

We all have alternate personalities. Not the kind that make psychiatrists nervous, but the kind that color the adventures of our lives. You know what I’m talking about – Super Serious, Dancing Diva, Quiet Nerd, Invincible Superhero…. Yesterday I channeled Super Housewife. While the laundry was running I not only made Mexican for dinner (yummy!), I also made a potato soup, just because. It’s cold outside. Why not? It was so much fun! Loud music, a cutting board, the enticing smell of fresh ingredients, nibbles. The only thing missing was a martini.

Probably the most amazing thing about leaving my routines and my comfort zones has been the opportunity, and often the necessity, to reflect on how I’ve collected my odd cast of personalities, which ones I can lean on, which ones I should coax out of the corner, and which ones are holding me back right now. It’s been everything from frightening (am I really like that?!) and discouraging (why is it so hard to change?), to eye-opening (that explains that.) and inspiring (cool, that will come in handy!).

I like the fact that I’m well-organized and a bit of a nerd. On the other hand, I can give myself analysis paralysis. I mean, seriously, how many lists can one person write? I want to learn to embrace change and to see the positive side of things more often. I think there’d be a lot less stress if I did. I also need to stop always expecting perfection from myself. After all, the biggest discoveries are often made through trial and error. I like that I’m always up for a challenge and that nothing can stop me when I believe in something. What better time to be unstoppable than now?

It’s all about baby steps, and, like with anything new, practice makes perfect. But who needs perfect anyway….


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