For my sister

Friday the 13th is a day of ill repute, but for me it was one of the luckiest days of my life – my sister, A, was born. Back then I didn’t realize all the ways she would enrich my life, but now I can’t imagine growing up (and onward) without her.

Package deal

I absolutely love my sister, and it’s pretty much always been like that. She is arguably the best present my parents ever gave me – a custom-made best friend. Someone to share your coloring books, martinis, and camping adventures with. One of these days, when we’re old, I’m sure we’ll bring out the old pictures and have a good laugh. Sure there were times when she bit and I clawed, but sharing a room – me on the top bunk, A on the bottom – will teach you a lot about when it’s time to play nice again and how to forgive. It will also teach you a lot about respect and empathy.

We haven’t always been close through the years, but we could always count on each other. A helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life, my divorce. It’s something I hate talking about in public (oops, I guess I just did) because I always feel like people look at me like I’m one of those people. Well, I’m not, and I survived the ordeal only because A was there to hug away my tears and to make me laugh when I was damn sure I just couldn’t. I hope she never needs me like that, but if she does, I’ll be there.


Because there’s no better therapy than sister therapy. There’s something about that bond that is so special. Aside from my parents, she’s the one person who has seen me grow and change through the years – she really knows it all. I can’t hide my true self from her. How cool (and scary and humbling) is that?!

It’s sometimes hard to be so far away from A, but instead of missing her I look forward to phone calls and emails. Her first visit is guaranteed to make for some more good memories. Time to get it planned!


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