Goodbye 2011…hello 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Mine and Toby’s lasted for three weeks when you combine our visit to Arizona, Christmas in Munich, and New Year’s in Frankfurt. It was a fabulous time with loved ones – plenty of nourishing food, stimulating conversations, and much-appreciated relaxation. Understandably, we’re now finding it a little difficult to go back to our everyday routine replete with its alarm clocks and responsibilities.

2011 was a year of monumental change, at least in my little piece of the world. Lots of good stuff happened, and it happened fast. Some experiences taught me how not to sweat the details, not always easy for a control freak (is there a way to say that without it sounding negative?). Other experiences forced me to accept change, something I’ve never been good at. And yet other experiences helped me understand when it’s time to cut your losses and move on. Above it all, the idea of leaving my family made me realize how important it is to spend time with them. Yes, I did lots of learning.

But I also did lots of playing. We had some great backcountry hiking and camping adventures with my sister balanced out by a trip to San Francisco. There was something about a running toilet (literally…with legs…). We had a hell of a party (including pre- and post-) for the wedding. I did hang out more with the family. And I officially entered bum-dom and took advantage of its many perks (ex: staying in my pajamas entirely too long).

What will 2012 bring? I want to get to know our new home, to really explore it with all five senses. I’m working on that new career. I’m excited to get closer to family on this side of the ocean. Maybe Toby and I will cross a few places off our European bucket list. The possibilities are endless….

Here’s to an inspiring, successful, and fun 2012!


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