Never trust your weather app

Fog, my – – -. I know I’m from Arizona, but I still know what rain is. And now I rode my bike to the gym in the dark, in the rain, uphill… Thanks, my untrustworthy weather app!

Ok, it wasn’t uphill. And I probably should just check the weather from the balcony, to be on the safe side. But, admittedly, if I would have known it was raining, I wouldn’t have ventured out. As it was, I sweat it out at the gym for two hours. Not bad.

What was awesome was the ride home. My way to and from the gym takes me down Düsseldorf’s fancy shopping street, the Kö, as it’s known locally. Now that Christmas season is in full swing, all the trees are aglow with Christmas lights. I love the way they can transform an entire street, and evening. It made for a beautiful ride home. And there was no more rain.

I guess it wasn’t such a bad thing to go out in the rain after all. I’m thinking this might be a good lesson learned to keep in my back pocket as winter settles in.


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