End of a lucky streak?

The air is different today. Change is coming. You can feel it, smell it, even see it. It’s becoming unbearable to ride my bike without gloves. There’s a hint of wet cold in the air, especially in the mornings and evenings, which are possessed by a foggy kind of gray. People are starting to wear their hats, scarves, and heavy coats.

We’ve had a wonderful fall. Our living room, with view of the Hofgarten, has provided us a front-row seat from which to watch the progression from summer to fall, and now to, dare I say it, winter. In Phoenix we kind of just had summer, then a few pleasantly cool nights, then winter. It’s been nice to watch the leaves change from green to yellow, and sometimes orange and red, all the while getting thinner on the trees, so that we can actually see the street on the other side of the park. Then they fall to the ground in their last whimsical dance, only to be blown into piles and sucked away by an industrious team of street sweepers and park cleaners. The next day dawns to reveal a fresh layer of fallen leaves. Who knew there were so many of them up there?

The locals keep saying we’ve had the best fall imaginable – barely a drop of rain, blue skies, relatively warm temperatures. A real lucky streak, well-deserved after this past non-summer. I’ve certainly been thankful. It’s made life much more enjoyable. While the sun isn’t as strong as in Arizona (lesson learned – just because it’s sunny doesn’t mean it’s warm), it certainly makes the days cheerier.

Soon comes the test though – how long can I still ride my bike to the gym? at what temperature do I decide it’s best to stay home rather than to venture out for a coffee? what if I get a job that forces me out of our warm domicile? will a lack of sun make me batty?

Hang in there Fall, just a little longer!


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