Exercise therapy

So, I didn’t mean to leave a blog with such a sad title at the top for so long, but I’ve been busy. And I promise, I was doing much better the next day. Why, you ask? I self-treated with an evening of group exercise classes at the gym – there really is nothing better to cure a case of the blues, or whatever else might be ailing you. Loud music + sweat in your eyes + shared muscle exhaustion = pure bliss.

I also finally registered for my personal trainer certification, which I will start in a few weeks. Why the heck not, right? And, since I’m interning at one of the gyms here, I will be trying out all their classes and other fitness offerings. I see lots of snacks in my future. Also good.

Then Toby and I had an awesome weekend. We somehow managed to achieve the perfect combination of socializing, checking things off our to-do list, enjoying our sunny living room, eating yummy homemade pizza, and going for a run.

More soon – rest assured, Christina is on the right track again!


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