Lonely puppy

Today is the first day I ate lunch by myself outside the apartment. It just kind of happened that way. Usually I eat at home or get a sandwich from the bakery on the run. The act of sitting in a restaurant, even though it’s the same coffee house I always drink my latte macchiatos at, felt incredibly lonely. Maybe it’s just today, or maybe it’s that everybody else seemed to have somebody to eat with.

Even though I’m using my time well, I think I’m desperately craving daytime human companionship. The other day I noticed the people from the office across the courtyard enjoying a smoke and a chat on the patio. I actually wished I had a work to go to so I could also have people to interact with.

It would probably be more fun to make new friends, but where do you find people to hang out with while everyone you know is working? Although I’ve gotten better at striking up random conversations while standing in line at the grocery store or when catching the eye of the person at the table next to me at the coffee house, it would be totally weird for everyone involved to exchange phone numbers or suggest another meeting.

So, how does one go about meeting new people? College was a good place to make new friends, but I think I’m getting too old for that. I could hang out at a bar, but that’s not the kind of friend I’m looking for. I’m not the type to go to expat happy hour at the local Irish bar; I’m too shy for that, even if nobody believes me. Gym classes sound like a good option, if you ignore that everyone is covered by a thin layer of sweat.

It looks like I’m going to have to break out of my comfort zone to make a few new acquaintances. Or continue to act like an excited puppy when Toby comes home in the evening – yeah! people! attention! affection!


6 thoughts on “Lonely puppy

  1. Hey lady – got your blog from Elisa. It’s good to catch up with you virtually. Are there places/organizations there where you could volunteer? May be a good place to go for interaction. Just a thought.

  2. Are there any TEDx events around? Or sustainability conferences? And you are never too old to take classes! Plenty of folks in university aren’t kids. The gym is certainly a good option, as you mentioned.

    Hate to think of you having lunch by yourself when I wish we could be be sitting on the patio of Hula’s not discussing strategic planning but just enjoying a good chat, the sun, and the noise of the light rail running past.

  3. Does Toby mind the excited puppy? :) I’ve met all my friends through neighborhood walks/chats (when the weather is nice, which doesn’t help you now), the gym, church, and my mom’s group. So, you could either get knocked up or better yet, borrow a baby to pass off as your own.

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