Circus act

Don’t you love when you do something that really just makes you laugh at yourself? For me, a normal outing to the grocery store today turned into a veritable circus act. A weekend trip led to a near-empty refrigerator on Monday morning, so I rode my bike to do some grocery shopping, but I was hungry, which means I had no self-restraint as I wandered the aisles of food. The results were…amusing and led to this great picture of my bike, which I pushed home because it was too heavily loaded with groceries to ride in a straight line. Yes, that’s a basil plant and a kilo of carrots in my front basket and ten rolls of toilet paper on the back carrier. Oh yeah, in addition to the two bags on the handlebars I was also wearing a backpack full of the really heavy things like milk, yogurt, and beans (gotta get our protein).

In addition to providing amusement for myself and  passers-by, my grocery shopping is also the trifecta of workouts – it requires strength, balance, and mental acuity. You already have a good idea of where strength and balance come into play. The mental part is due to the fact that our regular grocery store is set up in the weirdest way. Not only can you find the same products from different brands scattered throughout the store (ex: canned kidney beans can be found in no less than three different aisles), but sometimes those products are organic, sometimes they’re not, and certain brands are way more expensive than others. I would definitely call it mental gymnastics to calculate the best deal and then remember which aisle it was in.

Then, like a circus bear, I ride (or push) my treasures home on my bike.


5 thoughts on “Circus act

  1. This makes me laugh ’cause I actually thought about this situation the other day. I was imagining the difference in our grocery shopping adventures when I was unloading my SUV packed with ~8 reusable shopping bags (a few nearly filled to their 40 lb limit), 2 gals of milk, a super-sized box of diapers, and a 36-double-size roll pkg of toilet paper (equivalent of 72 rolls)! I was trying to calculate in my head how many trips you’d have to make on your bike to get all that stuff. :) And I was thinking how nice it would be to have fresher food since you have to go more often.

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