Hot, sweaty nights

I know this doesn’t sound like a title that could possibly relate to Düsseldorf in November, but soon it will make sense. In the last week, Toby and I went out for an evening of drinks and dancing, on two separate occasions. It was a lively change of pace from our slightly more domestic lifestyle as of late and a fun revival of our first Thursday nights together back in Arizona. Occasion number one – adult dress-up, i.e. Halloween. In Germany, Halloween is a dark holiday. There are no cheerleaders, angels, or walking telephone booths, unless they’re dead. So the group of us headed out, ashy-faced with dark circles around our eyes and blood dripping from our mouths. Sounds sexy, huh? Occasion number two – Toby’s brother and his girlfriend came to visit. We spent some nice time with them walking along the Rhine, visiting a photography exhibit, and drinking beer on Ratinger (Düsseldorf’s party street). Why not throw in a little dancing?

We certainly had some good booty-shaking times! And it really was hot and sweaty. And crowded. Crazy crowded. Neighborly backside rubbing was unavoidable. But everybody stays friendly. You’re all after all going for the same thing – a strobe light-flashing, bass-pumping escape from the daily grind. As the night progresses, at some point you stop dancing for yourself and just sway with the rhythm of the crowd; you have no choice. It’s very moving. Literally.

I don’t know what it is about a night of dancing, but it really does wonders for the soul. I certainly plan on partaking in a few more of them. Besides, a sweaty dance floor is one of the few places where I can wear my favorite tank top, without a sweater over it. I love tank tops!


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