Sunday night blues

I thought that Sunday night blues were just a phenomenon for those who have to work again on Monday. Turns out you can get them even if you’re unemployed, and I had a bad case of them last night. The coming of another Monday for me meant a variety of things, the biggest one being that I get to do lots of being alone again. The few people I know here, besides Toby, all have jobs or babies and therefore not necessarily a lot of free time on Mondays. While the staff at my favorite coffee house greet me with a smile and a latte macchiato, it’s not the same as somebody to actually enjoy my coffee with. And, now that I’ve hit that point where the desire to work again is starting to show itself, I also have a list of things to do related to The Job Search.

I’m going to double-track my quest for a new career – start classes for my fitness certifications while looking for an ‘office job.’ After spending some time chatting with somebody in the personal training and gym industry about how the system in Germany works, I found what sounds like a great opportunity. I plan to pursue two certificates that will allow me to work as a personal trainer. I also found a gym to intern at while I’m studying, where I might even be able to transition into a job once I have my certifications. Not bad!

For the ‘office job’ I need to work on my resume, which is terribly out of date. I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t changed jobs in a while. And since water conservation isn’t really a hot topic in Germany, I now also need to take all of my experiences over the last several years and communicate their relevance in terms of a sustainability-related job. This isn’t necessarily difficult, but it will require time, concentration, and some verbal acrobatics. Going over one’s resume with a fine-tooth comb is an interesting exercise. All that time and energy spent over the years, crammed onto a few pages of 12-point font. Oh yeah, I probably should also translate the whole thing into German.

Maybe I’m not so unemployed after all – looking for a job is a job in itself, and I’m working for none other than Me.


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