When I grow up

Over the last few years, there was a lot of contemplation on my part about the age-old question of what I want to be when I grow up. And I was always very methodical about it. That’s so…Christina. While cleaning up and organizing around the apartment, I keep finding lists tucked away where I pondered things like what I would consider to be the qualities of a good job vs. a bad job, things I like vs. dislike, things that inspire me, things I’m good at and bad at…. You get the picture. In the meantime I kept working in water conservation, which is what I studied and always envisioned myself doing. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I didn’t like my job; it’s just that I wasn’t inspired anymore.

Our move to Germany has provided me with extravagant amounts of time to spend on the topic ‘dream job.’ It’s a strange yet wonderful yet frightening situation I find myself in. Strange to not be running on a schedule anymore. Wonderful to have the freedom to try something new. Frightening to not have a schedule and to try something new. Sometimes I really have to laugh at myself…

Because talking to other people sometimes brings enlightenment, I’m sharing my newest list with you. I’ve loosely categorized my interests into the following:

  • keeping our bodies happy through fitness and nutrition (both doing it and talking about it)
  • reading (usually combined with some form of note-taking)
  • hanging out at coffee houses (usually combined with reading)
  • talking about interesting subjects (defined by the specific day)
  • sharing knowledge (I also love the closely related ‘acquiring knowledge’)
  • taking pictures (I wouldn’t quite put my skill level into the art of photography, yet)
  • venturing out into the wilderness (always combined with taking pictures)

A new list for a new start!


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