This old house

While on the hunt for our apartment, we carefully weighed things like location, floor plan, and features. There was of course not one apartment that met all of our criteria, and we were forced to prioritize what we really wanted. At the top of the list – open kitchen, two bedrooms, elevator, and great location. We now have all this, and more. Our new kitchen has space for everything we use, and both of us can easily work in it together. We have a fabulous office/guest room. The elevator, while small, carries us quickly to the 4th floor. You can walk to great bars, coffee houses, shopping opportunities, and the grocery store.

The biggest thing we gave up was slightly more modern accommodations. Our apartment is in a building that was built in the late 60’s. There are definitely not enough electrical outlets in convenient places. Note to self – buy more power strips. We had fewer options for internet/cable providers. The windows could probably be better insulated. The wooden floors glow with the patina of past households.

But, we traded these modern niceties in for a sunken living room complete with a fabulous window seat and view of the Hofgarten (kind of like the Central Park of Düsseldorf) through our huge front windows. The three balconies allow for an actual weather-check no matter where you are. Our bathrooms have…character. How many people can say they have marble floors and walls in their master bathroom? Or a guest bathroom whose color scheme and lighting make you look beautiful any time of day?

Every day this place feels more and more like home. We’ve already enjoyed Sunday nights with homemade pizza and a movie, gin and tonics on the bar with friends, and sunny weekend afternoons on the window seat. Not bad!


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