Sunny days

I love when the sun shines here. There’s something special about it. It’s like a treat. The air has a different quality to it. It somehow feels more alive. Maybe it’s just that the sun makes me feel more alive. But there’s something more to it. A sunny day brings out the people. All of a sudden there are more errands to run, more cups of coffee to drink, more friends to share lunch with. The Hofgarten is filled with the sounds of kids playing, and the bars along the Rhine hum with day-drinking action. I think people are thankful for every single sunny fall day we get, especially after such an epically crappy summer.

I’ve been wondering about something – am I more likely to age from the sun in Arizona or Germany? In Arizona, the sun is definitely stronger and shines way more. But, I religiously used a minimum of spf 15 on normal days, and for things like hiking or running I used spf 50 (it’s not as extreme as it sounds – I brown like a piece of toast and therefore require proper protection). In Germany, the sun is definitely weaker and very unpredictable. Because it’s easy to get caught in an unexpected patch of sun, even this safety-first Arizona girl sits out without abandon or a hint of sun block. And yes, I do get a little brown, even in Germany. I guess I’ll just keep religiously using my anti-wrinkle cream and hope for the best!

While my sun block use has definitely dropped, I do still wear sunglasses when the sun shines. Although I’ve noticed that I’m often among the few. It’s funny because I have the feeling that people are staring at me. I’m not sure if it’s because I look glamorous (come on, shades totally up a person’s glamour factor!) or because I look silly (like, what’s that all about?). Or maybe I forgot to zip my pants? Who knows. In any case, I like busting out my sunglasses because it feels like a little bit of Arizona every time I wear them.

And that is, after all, the key to our newest adventure – incorporating the best of our past experiences into our new surroundings.


4 thoughts on “Sunny days

  1. I had to laugh at your wearing sunglasses when no one else is! Our recent vacation in Kauai was timed perfectly to coincide with the launch of rainy season there. Despite dense cloud cover and pouring rain several days, I was out happily power-walking with abandon, soaking wet, sunscreen washing off my arms, constantly repositioning the spattered sunglasses that kept sliding down my face like a kid on a water slide. Certainly far from glamorous. I have to assume that the stares I was getting from my fellow vacationers were out of concern that I had left the remnants of any sanity at home. What they couldn’t know is that like you, I am an Arizona girl, conditioned to believe that clouds inevitably yield to the sun, so there is perfect reasoning behind sunglasses and sunscreen in inclement weather!

  2. Now I find myself wearing sunglasses even in winter, which I thought was CRAZY 10 yrs ago. Guess I’m an AZ girl at heart. But I know what the Germans are thinking. ;)

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