Mostly cloudy with a chance of sun

With this simple statement, I have finally found a way to neatly describe the weather in Düsseldorf, which, for an Arizona girl, is at times depressing and nearly always inconvenient. I’ve decided that I definitely need to buy a bigger purse for carrying all  of my daily necessities. Even if I’m just going out for a little trip this includes an umbrella for that nearly 100% predictable daily rain shower, space to put my onion layers of warmth, a book in case I get tempted by a coffee house, and, if I’m feeling particularly daring, a pair of sunglasses. Who knew one day could offer so much weather?

Depressing is probably too harsh of a word to use because I’m finding many things to keep me happy, not the least of which is my current state of freedom (i.e. lack of a job) – Arbeitslosigkeit as the Germans call it. For example, you can get an awesome latte  macchiato at every bakery or coffee shop, and since I choose to walk or ride my bike everywhere (driving will come at a later date), I can drink them without fear of a few extra calories. How cool is that? Also inspiring is the constant contact with other humans. It’s unavoidable in the small spaces this city offers – in public transportation, on the streets, and at eateries. It’s so real.

So, even without constant sunshine, this Arizona girl is making a home in Düsseldorf. I like the words of wisdom from Toby’s mom – ‘you’re good if you have sunshine in  your heart.’ I’ll only add ‘and a scarf in your purse.’


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